I don’t see a great deal of comments on handywrite. I’m looking to learn a form of shorthand for note making (class and creative/journaling). Is it true that Handywrite is superior to Gregg in terms of being able to unambiguously represent regular text or speech in short form? thx. Has anyone tried Handywrite? It’s kinful to Gregg, with some added stuff. I like a few of the ideas, but some of the vowels seem kinda funky.

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Since you have been taught to pay attention to 26 letters and not the actual sounds of English, tuning in to speech hndywrite may take some time, but can also be quite interesting and fun. Not at all as extensive as classical shorthand, but all you need is to be able to record notes as fast as they’re spoken.


And you can’t write in neat lines unless you break up words into pieces specifically to make them fit. Now you have 1: The sound of long E i as in “beet” is represented by a small figure eight symbol. Chapter 5 Satirical Sites: Sorry, I don’t know shortgand other languages.

The Y sound as in “yet” is represented by a long steep downward curve. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. John Robert Gregg Find out more about the inventor of Gregg shorthand.

So “all” or “awl” could be written or and so forth, but if you need to distinguish between “dawn” and “Don” or “la” and “law,” “tock” and “talk,” then you can—these being the among the few examples I have encountered that differ solely on the basis of these vowel sounds. For advice on how to learn any new writing system, among other things, checkout Shorthand Systems.


Pronunciation guides often insert an imaginary UH sound in front of R in such words as bird, burp, earn, purple, dirt, her, and heard when the only vowel is actually R. My thoughts, although I’ve never tried it, is that the features you’re looking for are probably not actually hancywrite you want. Consonants hanvywrite the various ways vowels can be modified at the beginning or end of them. Granted, it is extremely neat and well done. Keyscript Learn a bit about this relatively new alphabetic shorthand.

Handywrite Shorthand.

The drawbacks though are that it takes a shofthand of practice, a lot of skill, and it can take up a lot of space and be a bit messy. Also, the length of strokes is important so if you’re not good at maintaining consistent size then it can become hard to read.

What are the respective speed potentials?

Blissymbolics And now for something really different. Note that most words starting with “wh” are actually pronounced “hw” with a few exceptions like “who” shodthand is just “h” plus “oo” without a “w” sound.

Fun with phylogenetics Human Chow: I was missing an extra vowel sound “aw” sound in not and hot IPA: The missing consonant sounds in Standard Scottish English are covered by “Blends”.


Other sites by Alysion Popular Sites: Log handywritee or sign up in seconds. Ah, so that’s why I speak Spanish with such a thick accent!

Write in pencil to allow corrections, scan at dpi in grey scale, save as. My own conclusion then is that there is a basic tradeoff between unambiguity and speed. However, you could use proofreader convention and triple underline the first sound.

Generations of English teachers have mislead you.

Handywrite – Gregg Shorthand

The sound of SH and CH are represented by down and backward lines. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. John Robert Gregg Find out more about the inventor of Gregg shorthand. Keyscript Learn a bit about this arelatively new alphabetic shorthand. The E in “el suorthand is the EH small circle.

It’s got a hanywrite things going for it: Handywrite Story How Handywrite came to be. This differs from the vowel usage of this symbol which is always written clockwise as in “know”. The NT sound can be written as an T-N blend. Typing the Handywrite Alphabet It is useful to assign the sounds in the Handywrite phonetic alphabet to keyboard characters that are quick to type.