Here’s a tutorial from forum member, this video helps you setup Freestyler and sync your lights to music. FreeStyler program and introduce a new user to Digital Multi-Plex (DMX) programming. That is pretty much the whole Visualizer tutorial. In order to have. FreeStyler DMX is made solely by Rapheal Wellekens from Belgium. It’s a free and versatile DMX software with an army of supporters, It has a.

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For large and demanding lightshows everything is computer based since ages ago! I wonder what the characteristics of freestyleg a controller are.

If you look at the manual you might be a bit confused by this as it only mentions 8 colours and a rainbow effect. If we need hardware would it not be better tutorail get a dedicated lighting controller? For this we are going to use a value of zero and then we use the list to the right and find an appropriate icon for the gobo.

Please ensure you spell the Manufacturer correctly as this is used to organise the fixtures into manufacturers within FreeStyler.

Welcome to the FreeStyler Wiki

Table of Contents Help! Let’s put it like this: Check your manual or do a simple test of moving the slider from value to value and see what happens on the real fixture. Normally I put information such as fixture name, fixture version, mode, number of channels, fixture file version, created by, date created and tested or not.

Hopefully this tutorial will enable new users of the FreeStyler Fixture Creator to gain enough information to be able to create their own fixtures and maybe give some other users some extra information on the Fixture Creator. User Tools Log In.

FreeStyler DMX [The DMX Wiki]

Problems with using this fixture as an example is I do not have one, so it is untested and the manual does not show what the actual gobos are, so I have used numbers for them instead. That’s how Freestyler MRC freestylef born! What you should do is to program Freestyler and get yourself a nice MIDI controller that you will dedicate to control your lights via Freestyler. We are done all we need to do now is save our fixture file.


Whenever I create a new fixture I always export it at the same time to ensure I have a backup copy to re-install if and when I upgrade FreeStyler I always overwrite existing fixtures. There’s no “stand alone hardware only” console that can run more than a bunch of fixtures For example, the strob and a few lasers can be done from Freestyler to add effects timed with certain drops in tracks or similair. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Any advice how to move on is appreciated.

Submaster here you can Drag cue files to a select boxes, for more control of the fixtures Submaster X. This could be used to define the moving head pointing to a mirror ball or a person on stage.

This fixture uses the same tutkrial for the shutter and strobing, which is quite common to a lot of fixtures as it is the mechanical shutter that opens and closes causes the strobing effect.

So, stop questioning whether a computer based solution with or without an external controller attached is better than a stand-alone hardware only solution. Start the Fixture Creator program, there should be an icon on your desktop freesytler you did a standard install of FreeStyler. Now that has been explained a bit we can enter the values for the Pan and Freesty,er channels as shown in the picture below.

Here I have told the Fixture Creator that it has its colour frsestyler on 7 and that we have 18 colours. All will be revealed soon.

Also, with both plug-ins it is possible to use custom buttons or remap a button on your controller, or even create a dedicated pad page to control Freestyler CUES from within VirtualDj.

You should get the above dialogue if vreestyler have not already saved it. Some of you might have noticed that 2 channels have not been defined and these are channels 5 and Well actually we have two channels for Pan and two channels for Tilt.

Inside Freestyler itself you can assign a fader to one single function 1 to 1 programming With VirtualDj and it’s scripting abilities I was able to use the frdestyler slider control different functions by using variables and other conditional queries.

Help! I’m new, Where do I start? [FreeStyler Wiki]

Creating your own Sequences Using the Sequence editor 6. The same principle applies to the Tilt channel as well. So that uses channel 8 and has 7 gobos on it. Adding and removing fixtures to FreeStyler 3. User Tools Log In. Each fixture name needs to be unique and you will discover this if you try to save a fixture with the same name. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: As I do not have the actual fixture and the manual does not define what the gobos look like I have used numbers 1, 2 and 3 and the colours it mentions in the manual.


You might be wondering why I have entered 9 as the number of gobos on this channel when it has only six physical gobos and a wheel rotation speed.

How to make your own fixture files for FreeStyler. In the above picture I have entered the channel numbers for the Prism and Prism rotation as well as the Focus channel. I won’t get any ‘automatic’ functionality so to say. This tutorial is also available in a pdf format. On the next page you will see screen shots for all of the definitions of the macros for channel Right we put in a DMX value in the first column which we get from the manual.

So hopefully you have obtained a copy of the manual and have located the DMX Protocol within it. The first gobo wheel is the static gobo wheel, static in the sense that the gobos do not rotate but obviously the wheel that the gobos are on does, otherwise you would not be able to select the gobos.

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You can now close Fixture Creator and load the finished fixture file into FreeStyler to use. Time code start a sequence on Time HH: Playback a Sequence Playback a Sequence X. I would like to suggest to new users of lighting control software that titorial do their homework on how DMX and lighting fixtures work, this will make understanding this tutorial much easier.