All about Ebon (Pegasus, #2) by Robin McKinley. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. submitted 4 years ago * by RobinMcKinleyAMA Author Robin McKinley Oof, thanks, I was googling “ebon robin mckinley”, should have. I will finish the PEGASUS story. And yes, Sylvi and Ebon get back together. And yes it has a happy ending if you don’t require Technicolour.

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Two questions for ya: Or any update at all. I can quite clearly remember looking at the check out card, and seeing my name robiin there at least 7 times. I think it is fair to argue that a book rbon be in two three or four parts, without it being a series, because it is basically one book, and it is very understandable that years may divide each part, with life coming in between it all, if not directly because of censorship, writers blockages or monetary reasons, is it not?

Log in or sign up in seconds. They are among the books I turn to when my life hits troubles. In her post announcing today’s AMA and other places Robin has said that writing a sequel to Sunshine is unlikely to happen, not because she wouldn’t love to but because she has to have a story beating down the door in the back of her head for her to write it well, and a sequel to Sunshine hasn’t yet done so.

Please be aware that the sidebar in ‘old’ Reddit is no longer being updated as of October Some hurts never heal. As far as happy endings, I like the quieter ones, and I adore the spin you put on Rose Daughter.


Robin McKinley

Trivia About Ebon Pegasus, 2. Surveys must be approved via modmail before being posted to the sub. Therefore, she could not understand the reason behind her kidnapping. So I’m going to ask something completely different: I almost thought you were going to leave Pegasus as it was.

At the time she was living in Brunswick, Maine.

I love Pegasus more. I remember when I first saw The Hero and the Crown in a bookstore and asked my parents to buy it for me. And at 45 I still wonder it when I reread it for the whoknowshowmanyth time.

Your book was one of the key reading experiences in my young life that really made me realize I wanted robiin be a writer myself. Your books have long been my good friends, and ebkn times are tough they comfort me and assure me that magic still lurks in the nooks and crannies of life. In Damar, all dragons are nuisances at best and horrible villains at worst, whereas the dragons of Smokehill each have distinct personalities and prefer to stay well clear of humans.

Depends on your wolf. I’m tiring of waiting and checking.

I’m not the amazing Robin McKinley, but I’ve loved her books for over ten years and re-read several of them every year or so. They really can work miracles for structural stuff.

Kids read both Deerskin and Sunshine but I wish they waited till mckihley were older. We both reread it when we need to feel better.


I then inhaled all your other books available in my library! And one of my pet peeves is a heroine with whom every other character falls rabidly in lust. I fully agree re: Loved, loved, loved Pegasus.

Ebon (Pegasus, #2) by Robin McKinley (1 star ratings)

Were you going to write more, and how could I meet a girl like Aerin? In fact, Pegasus is ONE book that happens to be printed in three books. And some scars never completely heal.

Your writing, like your knitting, is your own. I’m dying for this book, and I hope you hurry to finish it! In her blog, it is clear she suffers from crazy writer’s block and needs some kind of magic spurt of inspiration to write.

Yes! Question three! Read all about it!

Recently, another mckinely my favorite authors has been posthumously accused of some terrible things, which are looking like they may be true. Everything I’ve ever read by Robin McKinley has been worth reading at any age.

I keep trying to save up episodes but I love your retelling of fairy tales! That was, I think, the first to be third, if you follow me. In a good, hope-after-trauma way. And health is so not a straight line. Okay, so fairy tales.