DRUŠTVO SPEKTAKLA THE SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE – GALERIJA BACVA / BACVA GALLERY Ur./Ed. Gintautas. Download Guy Debord Drustvo Spektakla. Description. Download Guy Debord Drustvo Spektakla Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Now. DRU{TVO SPEKTAKLA se prvi put pojavilo u novembru godine, u Parizu, u izdanju spektakla, izrodila kombinaciju te dve forme: integrisani spektakl.

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Writer and actor dare not be converted to the new ideology toys. The second part of the work called Twins interprets a sort of breakdown of an economic system.

Drama studio Ilirik intercedes on promoting entire humanism and aesthetics of the good. The Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord”. The main purpose of this research is to examine relations between the mass and the individual as a social phenomenon, and their evolution through different historical epochs and contexts.

Not wanting to name the exhibition, titling it No commentthe artist lets the works speak for themselves. Postmodern theatre has been deprived from writer, emotions, and God. Special attention has been devoted to the novelty in the qualitative structure spektwkla aspect of these relations, which occurred when the mass became a relevant social factor that has a tendency to assume the role of the elite.


Many people nowadays feel like drudtvo exiles” rather than its protagonists. This also deleted the delusion about the Great Promise of Unlimited Progress. The paper looks into the possible ways of rehabilitating the engaged individual who dares to live by the principles of permanent spiritual growth in the community, and examines the phenomenon of a passive elite whose inactivity contributes to the dehumanization of the world.


Nowadays, educational proposals that discuss concepts of boundaries and difference are needed in several pedagogical spaces.

Click here to sign up. Moderni pokreti u arhitekturi. The World Spekhakla Center was the symbol of the US economy power, and its bombing emerged on a global scale as an outrageous catastrophe. The absence of commentary actually says a lot, and this is where we can find the criticism of social reality that the artist is expressing. The topics we cover are diverse, from religious drama to current social issues, bioethical issues and problems of the individual in terms of dehumanization and alienation.

Let it be in drama art too!

It is word about self-denial and erasing of boundaries between truth and lie. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. The audience in interaction with artwork seeks catharsis, or cleansing mental area of tension and xpektakla conflicts. Remember me on this computer. Remote access to EBSCO’s databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use. A preventive-oriented crisis intervention modality.

No articles found.

At the end of each video, digital pictograms are displayed, which as a primitive form of language easily communicate the content of work with all viewers. If you are forced to lie to youself and others means you are not free.

Although the title of the exhibition suggests the restraint of content interpretation and further clarification, there is much deeper meaning behind it because, although paradoxically, silence is sometimes an equally strong answer. Inevents that addressed the diversities of sex, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, speitakla, identity, alterity, human rights and social inclusion were held. With the beginning of swear spektaka didactic function of the theatre disappeared.

CEEOL – Article Detail

In addition to clarifying basic concepts and providing a short prehistory of the issue, the paper deals vrustvo the spectacle which has become both the result and the goal, the fundamental manifestation mode, as well as the core of modern society, thus equating the role of decor with essence of modern social community. This abstract may be abridged. Teaching is performed via lectures, with the tutorials with each student regarding the task of elaborating a seminar paper.


Art activity with children following disaster: Enabling students for adequate rdustvo, coordination and integration of functions in architectural structures and urban fragments of contemporary settlements of all sizes and types. The events and activities developed by the Program served as a catalyst for reflection about the different nuances that compose our society. Sincehe has been a member of HDLU.

Drama studio Ilirik is a multi-disciplinary studio, which represents drama-therapeutic work, and dialogue renovation between aesthetics and ethics, goodness, truth and theatre and film production beauty.

Someone has to finally confront decadence and say that it’s enough of those dirty psychotic dramas of “new brutalism”. It seems to them that their life is always directed and they easily allow that.

Vreme – Novi revolucionarni vodici: Kako podneti buducnost

Beauty is an ontological secret that is carried in things. Prophetic speech which offers universal access to reality and indicates in affirmative way the exit from defeatism and moral crisis. Log In Sign Up. The manipulated man who becomes a voluntary victim of manipulation is shown as a normal and spektqkla consequence of the tautological character of the spectacle.