Dobrica Ćosić was a Serbian politician, writer, and political theorist. He was the first president . Dаleko je sunce (); Koreni (); Deobe (); Akcija (); Bаjkа (); Moć i strepnje (); Vreme smrti (–) . Cosic writes that “it was as if that person was the only one entrusted with and 23 Dobrica Cosic, Deobev. 1 (Belgrade: Prosveta, ) 24 Cosic, Deobe, v. Dobrica Ćosić (Velika Drenova, kod Trstenika, Kraljevina SHS, decembra . roman Deobe (), u kome se Ćosić ponovo vraća Drugom svjetskom ratu.

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I think, comrades, that creating a national culture, contributing with our work to the creation of a consciousness, a self-feeling in broad strokes of a nation, one writer, a citizen of this country, surely cannot remain limited only to his narrow homeland, nor only to his republic, but has in view, and must have in view, his entire country.

We need to think it over, we need to ceobe in principle whether there is any sense in doing something and in supporting something like this…. We became simply those who slaughtered and those who were to be slaughtered, just daggers and necks.

One of the more interesting features of Razistorija is the fact that people come back to life, then to populate the earth, since they do not disappear again once the time of their birth has passed. The promise to the intellectual was of relevance. Outside of the party, in that semi-autonomous cultural sphere, though, Dobria intellectuals tended to view the creation of a new, Yugoslav, culture as an end in itself, worthy because revolutionary, internationalist, and socialist.


Dobrica Ćosić

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And this war will be no different. With regard to that, I believe that I dpbrica duty-bound to place my functions at the disposal of this forum, of you comrades.


Like Rootsit received the NIN award for novel of the year, the first time that a writer had been given the award twice. He was especially enthusiastic in his advocacy of the rights of the Serb and Montenegrin populations of Kosovo.

Dobrica Ćosić – Wikipedia

Mihiz in the Sixties. Want to Read saving…. He came for the meeting of the editors of literary magazines in socialist countries on the day when the revolution started and remained there until October 31 when he was transported back to Belgrade on a plane that brought in Yugoslav Red Cross help. Then consciously, as Prerovians will, laboriously sticking to the meadows, vinyards, and forests, they sewed death to the Germans and their allies.

Yugoslavism which is a social, and not a national category; Yugoslavism which is society and not a nation; Yugoslavism which is consistent with federalism; Yugoslavism which does not negate national independence and in no way denies national liberty.

Deobe, knjiga III

Every morning the newspaper speaks dekbe you, of killing, of war. He was the first president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from Divisions had come immediately before it, and would be his last novel to work within the narrative limits endorsed by the regime; Time of Deathwhich would follow A Fablewould be his first to transcend those limits.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia — He was 92 years old. Yugoslavism was antinationalism—opposition to all the nationalisms of the nations that constitute Yugoslavia; Yugoslavism was patriotism—primarily the struggle for the liberation of Yugoslavia from the Germans, Italians, and others who had occupied it; and Yugoslavism was internationalism—the unity of the working people, who would disregard nationality in the struggle for a social revolution.


Deobe, knjiga III by Dobrica Ćosić

Dragan marked it as to-read Sep 27, Democracy is the right to go hungry. Dragana added it Mar 16, Engagement and Disillusionment, — p. Yugoslav Unity and Communist Revolution, — These outside forces, he said, are determined to subordinate “the Serbian people to Muslim hegemony.

Concluding his first foray, he acknowledged problems in state security and took some responsibility for those problems:. Serbia is patri- and fratri- cidal.

He joined the communist youth organization in Negotin in The result of expanded dialogue about economic change was a series of proposals, ranging from the creation of a virtually free market to the return to full central planning. The early application of socialist realist precepts in Yugoslavia betrayed the fact that the national question was considered a function of the greater task of socio-economic transformation.

In a Serbian television interview, Chomsky was asked what the best solution for Kosovo’s final status is. His proposal implied the eventual withering away—if not active destruction—of a regional, republican bureaucracy administering writers.

Your bones have long turned grey and—they are silent. The party felt that culture was of less import and thus best left to surrogate forums. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. From Myth to Genocide New York: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. One observer has identified three meanings for the term as Yugoslav communists used it:.