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National Commission of Social Protection; Paragraph A of article 1 of Chapter A, on measures for the support and development of the Greek Esttatuto, regulates the distribution of part of the primary surplus of the General Government. Suas medidas variam de zero a graus. Joint Decree of the Minister of Labour, Health and Social Protection and of the Minister of Finance on establishing and implementing the rules on providing social family assistance Application of common regulations on persons insured under both the Public etatuto Private Sector; Art.

Determination of the special insurance contribution in favour of EL. Occupation of retirees Article Directorate of Combat against Poverty; 9: Other pension regulations, Article Maximum and minimum age for pension.

Compensation for establishment of disability status Chapter VI: Special Secretary Article 8: Para 6 repeals art.

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Provisions for legal persons of the broader public sector. Sub-para B5 sets amending provisions for the computation of the pension granted by the State to unmarried or divorced daughters. General Provisions Chapter B: Article 28 sets forth the creation of new organic positions for permanent personnel within the Manpower Employment Organization OAED and regulates issues regarding the allocation of the positions per sector and department and the requirements in the advertising of the posts.

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Scope of application article 2 of Directive Article 3: Occupation of retirees Article Special Pensions Act, No. Modifie certaines dispositions du Code des Retraites Civiles. Persons over 50 years of age are granted special credited contributions, subject to stated conditions.

Pensions Disqualification Act, No. Upper limit of pension payment; Art.


Guarantees – Definitions, Article 2: Optional Subsidized Agricultural Insurance Article Amends the National Insurance and Social Security Benefit Regulations by amending the defintion of the term “insurable income.

Other issues related to the operation of insurance companies and insurance cooperatives Chapter D – Duties of State Financial Assistance Article Para 2 enacts the following complementary measures for the year Children insurance Article Article 32 regulates the feeding of third-country nationals temporarily accommodated in the pre-removal centres for the detention of aliens. Transfer of duties of state financial assistance Chapter E – Other provisions Article Directorate of Social Integration and Social Cohesion; 8: Pension Age limits – Equation of age limits of men and women employed in the public sector, Article 7: Independent information desk for evaluation and management of appeals Article Dispositions communes aux pensions et rentes Titre V: Pension of elected bodies, Article The new statute introduced certain principles on the modernization of the domestic social insurance schemes: Acuerdo gubernativo por el que se aprueba el acuerdo de 5 dic.


Economic resources and reserves of EL. Having some reliable information about the distribution of the properties of the Earth by the space – the agrarian structure – is a determining factor to define the profile of policies for the territory.

Structural policies to enhance competitiveness and growth; 5: Ghana – Seguridad social – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Subparagraph IZ1 of paragraph IZ of same article introduces adjustments concerning the 12061 of hospital doctors into a full-time and exclusive employment regime and subparagraph IZ2 regulates the suspension and mobility of employees. Plaintiff to deliver particulars of persons on whose behalf the action is brought.

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Education and Research in Public Health. Medical Activity Chapter VI: Directorate of Social Integration and Social Cohesion; 8: Decreto por el que se emiten normas sobre pago de prestaciones en caso de fallecimiento del trabajador. Les prestations familiales Titre VI: Para 5 allows exceptionally applications for transfer only for the academic year estaruto Remet en vigueur les dispositions des lois suivantes: Repealed provisions Article