Transcript of KURSINIS DARBAS. Išvados Įvadas Darbo problema, uždaviniai. Kokį poveikį Lietuvos rinkai turi kino filmų piratavimas bei koks. Graikijos krizės analizė. Contribute to ievame/Kursinis-darbas development by creating an account on GitHub. Kursinis darbas. from giedrius tamosevicius. LIVE. 0. Like. Add to Watch Later. Share. Unsupported viewing environment. Your system is having.

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Rodyti daugiau Skaityti visus. From the trend it seems that the Quick Liquidity Ration will be around 0.

Kursinis darbas iš Programų sistemų VU 6s KursinisDarbas

Microsoft Word KB. It shows how kursniis time company allow customers to purchase goods via credit and for how long it takes to turn receivables into cash. Our company Total Assets in all year are quite simmilar arround Which also means, that the company can save money for other darnas that must be done. Analysing this efficiency ratio in each year we can see that the lenght of days has decreased almost twice from However, this varies widely by industry.


Kursinis darbas by Ema Stonkute on Prezi

All in all kursibis is really hard to speak about near future and future trends only from 3 years period. The avarage level of ratio 0.

Opposite situation here, with Quick Ratios — we can see U shape graphic in — period. Comparing to two charts before we can finally see an obvious change during this period of three years.

Strateginis planavimas kursinis darbas. For instance, the current Liquidity Ratio should be around 0.

The lowest number of Average Collection period ratio the better ability to turn receivables into cash. Shows the quality of receivables business, giving the average lenght in days.

Strateginis įmonės planavimas kursinis darbas –

As comparing all three kugsinis Total Assets Turnover we can see how our company is performing. During the year, the ratio went up from 0,34 to 0, Starting fromuntil the ratio changed just a little bit.

But during next two years andwe can see a huge drop of a ratio. The growth of this ratio shows, that company, during this financial year had more long-term characteristics, which usually means, that during this year company were more safety for investors.


As we see, during yearthe ratio was greater than 10, which means company was making way more kursiniss than they needed for paying interests. In the last chart of leverage ratios we can see a stable line during this three years period.

Different thing is with quick ratio — perfect situation when it is 1: Kuesinis the other two yearsthe average level of debt structure ratio 0,38 was quite low, which means, the company was more risky for new investors and creditors.

But it is easier to see why we got particular number on current period.