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The theme of suffering in a special way demands to be faced in the context of the Holy Year of the Redemption, and this is so, in the first place, because the Redemption was accomplished through the Cross of Christ, that is, through his suffering.

Every line says something, but it’s hard to digest all at once. In the Book of Job the question has found its most vivid expression. Thus the reality of suffering prompts the question about the essence of evil: The only-begotten Son was given to humanity primarily to protect man against this definitive evil and against definitive suffering.

Thus according to Matthew; Luke mentions explicitly those “who hunger now” Saint Paul speaks of various sufferings and, in particular, of those in which the first Christians became sharers “for the sake of Christ “. The story of this just man, who without any fault of his own is tried by innumerable sufferings, is well known. When this body is gravely ill, totally incapacitated, and the person is almost incapable of living and acting, all the more do interior maturity and spiritual greatness become evident, constituting a touching lesson to those who are healthy and normal.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Something we all tend to wrestle with from time to time. Christ’s words confirm with all simplicity this human truth of suffering, to its very depths: Precisely by means of his Cross he must accomplish the work of salvation.

In the end, God himself reproves Job’s friends for their accusations and recognizes that Job is not guilty. We invoke all the Saints, who down the centuries in a special way shared in the suffering of Christ.

Sacred Scripture is a great book about suffering. Salvific are days when I feel overwhelmed and giving up sounds like the most logical solution but the truth is my circumstance while individual aren’t unique. Truly, the Apostle first experienced the “power of the Resurrection” of Christ, on the road to Damascus, and only later, in this paschal light, reached salvlfici ” sharing in his sufferings” of which he speaks, for example, in the Letter to the Galatians.


It jyan be said that Job’s old friends wish not only to convince him of ujan moral justice of the evil, but in a certain sense they attempt to justify to themselves the moral meaning of suffering. The Cross of Christ throws salvific light, in a most penetrating way, on man’s life and in particular on his suffering. One can say that these words on abandonment are born at the level of that inseparable union of the Son with the Father, and are born because the Father “laid on him the iniquity of us all” To this grace many saints, such as Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Ignatius of Pabloo and others, owe their profound conversion.

Suffering is, in itself, an experience of evil.

Man, discovering through faith the redemptive suffering of Christ, also discovers in it his own sufferings; he rediscovers them, through faith, enriched with a new content and new meaning. Josh rated it liked it Aug 22, So glorify God in your body ii At only 56 pages, this is a perfect stand-by for those rough patches in life. In fact, it is a question of pain of a spiritual nature, and not only of the “psychological” dimension of pain which accompanies both moral and physical suffering The vastness and the many forms of moral suffering are certainly no less in number than the forms of physical suffering.

Suffering has indeed both a subjective and a passive character from “patior”. The mystery of the Redemption of juaj world is in an amazing way rooted in suffering, and this suffering in turn finds in the mystery of the Redemption its supreme and surest point of reference.

While the first great chapter of the Gospel of suffering is written down, as the generations pass, by those who suffer persecutions for Christ’s sake, simultaneously another great chapter of this Gospel unfolds through the course of history.

For, whoever suffers in union with Christ— just as the Apostle Paul bears his “tribulations” in union with Christ— not only receives from Christ that strength already referred to but also “completes” by his suffering “what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions”. God gives his only-begotten Son so that man “should not perish” and the meaning of these words ” should not perish” is precisely specified by the words that follow: It is profoundly rooted in the entire Revelation of the Old and above all the New Covenant.

Not of course completely for this we would have to penetrate the divine-human mystery of the subjectbut at least they help us to understand that difference and at the same time the similarity which exists between every possible form of human suffering and the suffering of the God-man.


Man suffers on account of evil, which is a certain lack, limitation or distortion of good. Why does evil exist? For evil remains bound to sin and death.

Maeve rated it it was amazing Jan 03, In the world you have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” Job has not been punished, there was no reason for inflicting a punishment on him, even if he has been subjected to a grievous trial.

On the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering: Salvifici Doloris

The very participation in Christ’s suffering finds, in these apostolic expressions, as it were a twofold dimension. Love is also the richest source of the meaning of suffering, which always remains a mystery: And so the Church sees in all Christ’s suffering brothers and sisters as it were a multiple subject of his supernatural power.

He gave an extraordinary impetus to Canonizations and Beatifications, focusing on countless examples of holiness as an incentive for the people of our time.

Nevertheless, the Apostle’s experiences as a sharer in the sufferings of Christ go even further.

As we see from the examples quoted, we find in Sacred Scripture an extensive list of variously painful situations for man. They also have an ever greater capacity and specialization in this area.

Melissa Smeltzer rated it it was amazing May 18, I experience a feeling, I suffer”; and, thanks to this salvifoci, suffering is no longer directly identifiable with objective evil, but expresses a situation in which man experiences evil and in doing so becomes the subject of suffering. In his suffering, sins are cancelled out precisely because he alone as the only-begotten Son could take them upon himself, accept them with that love for the Father which overcomes the evil of every sin; in a certain sense he annihilates this evil in the spiritual space of the relationship between God and humanity, and fills this space with good.

It must be recognized that they are very numerous, and one must express satisfaction at the fact that, thanks to them, the fundamental moral values, such as the value of human solidarity, the value of Christian love of neighbour, form the framework of social life and interhuman relationships and combat on this front the various forms of hatred, violence, cruelty, contempt for others, or simple “insensitivity”, in other words, indifference towards one’s neighbour iii his sufferings.