This document describes the most commonly used elements of a JNLP file. For a complete description of the format, refer to the specification. The JNLP file is an. JSR – Java™ Network Launching Protocol and API Specification v 1 Java(TM) Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) Specification. In computing, Java Web Start is a framework developed by Sun Microsystems ( now Oracle) that . jnlp spec=”+” codebase=”” href=””> Launch applet with Web Start Foo Bar.

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And wpecification an update is found, the new application will be downloaded and launched. The application element indicates that the JNLP file is launching an application as opposed to an applet.

Indicates an additional set of standard and non-standard virtual machine arguments that the application would prefer the JNLP Client to use when launching Java.

The title element specifies the title of the application. It can have one of the following values:.

What Is JNLP All About? | A JNLP Tutorial: Part 1—An Introduction to JNLP | InformIT

Can be used to request enhanced permissions. Contains pointer to an additional component-desc or installer-desc to be used with this application. Sign up using Email and Password. Imagine you could say “If the locale is ‘Chinese,’ use the input framework extension and those JAR files there.

Java Web Start

JNLP also states that this application can run offline if already cached and should be updated as a background process.

  ISO 6621-5 PDF

Each argument contains in order an additional argument to be passed to the main method.

The operating system for which this information element should be considered. Exact product versions implementation versions may also be specified. If you don’t know specificstion XML, try this site: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

But publishers can remove these restrictions by signing their Web Start applications with the jarsigner tool that comes with the JDK. Value can be always, timeout, spevification background. It’s not pretty, but this might work.

Structure of the JNLP File

Retrieved from ” https: Java Web Start has support for launching Java applets. Can be used to describe the RIA’s preference for creating a shortcut to run online or offline. The most obvious answer is: These documentation pages are no longer current. The following table describes the elements and attributes commonly used in JNLP files. The optional shortcut element can be used to indicate an specufication preferences for desktop integration.

However, the reference implementation, a browser helper application, will include a modest GUI for informing the user of progress in loading and starting the Java application. Exact product versions implementation versions may also be specified.

For example, you could use multiple resources definitions, with different os attributes, to supply a native library for multiple operating systems.

The version attribute refers, by default, to a platform version specification version of the Java Platform Standard Edition. The shortcut element can jnlpp the optional online attribute, and sprcification two optional sub-elements, desktop and menu.


Thus, it is guaranteed that the user always runs the latest version of the application. Contains the mime-type that the application requests it be registered to handle. Thus, it is guaranteed that the user always runs the secification version of the application. The root element is jnlpwhich has four subelements: At runtime, the os values are compared with the beginning of the os.

One important element of a successful application deployment is distribution: Indicates the preference for how the JNLP Client should handle an application update when it is known an update is available before the application is launched. It can contain any of the following two sub-elements:. I think what you want is: Description elements are optional. In the second article, you will see all pros and cons of this protocol. If the association element is included, either the offline-allowed element must also be included, or the href attribute must be set for the jnlp element to ensure that the application can specificatino located and run.

The vendor element specifies the provider of the application. Indicates that this RIA can operate when the client system is disconnected spfcification the network. Read the discussion of the resources element later for a full discussion of the os attribute.