Skinwalker. Skinwalker One of paranormal fantasy’s toughest heroines, Jane Yellowrock, debuted with a vengence A year ago Jane nearly lost her life taking. Jane Yellowrock is a Cherokee Skinwalker– one of the very last. She also shares her body with the soul of a mountain lion, Beast, as a result of accidental black. Jane uses her abilities for good as a hunter of rogue vampires, but the skinwalkers of real-life Native American lore are sinister figures best.

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Refresh and try again. A much better investment than the book.

When Jane is attacked by a pack of marauding werewolves, she is thankful for the help of a mysterious stranger named Girrard. If she wants to be bigger or smaller than she is in real life, she has to either get the mass from somewhere, or store it somewhere. Adventures in Lowered Ratingsyyellowrock of Faith Hunter my failing memory! As for the love-interests, none of those guys really excited me, so a bit of a disappointment as well.

Usually, though, she takes the form of skinalker panther who’s bonded with her in an unusual way, even for shapeshifters, and which she doesn’t fully understand.

Review: Skinwalker by Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock #1) | Vampire Book Club

You want someone who you will want to come back to visit with in a series, who can kick some serious butt, but isn’t annoying. I can’t slate this book because it’s not bad as such but it is bland.

Her always-on-edge vamps, witches and the skinwalker myth were well-done; all of them are pretty balanced power-wise and a good addition to UF lit. She keeps going leaving the person staring after her, starts the bike and leaves thinking “I don’t have time for chatting, a plan is forming in my mind.


And, yrllowrock the final, all-new story, find out what happened between Jane and Rick seconds after the end of Mercy Blade.

October 19, at Now, her simple job has turned into a fight to stay aliveā€¦and to protect the desperately ill child left in her care. Skinnwalker do like the whole vampire society and politics aspect, and it was well-done here. It is not a secret that I am a fan of all things Fantasy, but I do have a soft spot for “Golden Age Urban Fantasy”, mostly written between – Jane is self-assured, sarcastic and in no way in need of rescuing. Because I’m in a good mood today. Fans of urban fantasy, action-oriented supernatural fiction, or action heroines.

Hunter loves this city, and she brings it life with a loving touch in this story, showing both the elegant beauty, the rich cultural aspects, and the seediness that lurks below the gaudy exterior.

To come up with an equitable solution, he sends an envoy with the best bodyguard blood money can buy: Please kill me somebody.

While Jane herself is a very direct person, she does describe things in enough detail to keep the story interesting and unique, from teapots to the smell of a motorcycle.

The bad guy is bound to be behind one! Recommended to Werner by: Hunter handles the problem of differences in body mass in a really creative way! My other reviews for this series: You have to work harder than that.


Skinalker patronizing and disrupts the flow of actions in scenes that otherwise would be pretty good. Jane just puts on a little lipstick and she’s the prettiest lady in the room and everyone checks Jane out and all the other ladies are jealous.

You look like death warmed over. That doesn’t mean there’s none of the latter, but Hunter doesn’t assault us with it. Once you made a character unlikable, you can’t just flip a switch and say “ta daaa! I wish I were exagerating!

Full Length Jane Yellowrock Novels

Really worth giving it a try, if you want a change of pace and, especially, a chance to get inside an animal’s head and see a story form a different POV. The worst character of the bunch, though, is Jane herself. I read this book only 10 days ago and can hardly remember the story. Elementary school kids aren’t yellowrkck intended audience for the book; but it won’t bother most tough-minded adults.

Skinwalker (Jane Yellowrock, #1) by Faith Hunter

Vampire-hunter-for-hire, Skinwalker, Vampires, Grindylow, Weres, witches, vampire witches, dark magic, Native American mythology, Cherokee shaman. To ask other readers questions about Skinwalkerplease sign up. Her IQ is on par with Forrest Gump’s.

The one who recommended it knows I really don’t care for