MODEL ST01 Series Easy-Set Guide The display will initialize itself then flash “ AM” in MANual mode. 7. . Wait until you see am in MANual mode. Installation and User Instructions. MODEL ST01 Series. 2 – Install the Switch Timer. Ratings. Before installing the switch timer into the wall, make sure the. The ST01 Series In-Wall Timers are easy-to-program, 4-button memory; Manual override; CR2 lithium battery provides backup 2+ years; Single-pole or 3- way.

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The RED wire is not used in single-switch installa. Sign-up for email alerts for products and software updates, new product releases and information about upcoming events. Do the following test with the.

Intermatic Videos Browse our selection of videos. The timers have an Astronomic feature for sunrise and sunset switching. Since the timer is battery-powered and does not need AC power to program, all. If so, proceed to Step K.

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After the installa tion is complete. Connect one of the two wires from the wall to the black wire from the switch. T urn the power back on at the ser vice panel. Compruebe que la carga controlada se encienda y apague cada intermahic que se haga funcionar el interruptor remoto.


Connect the other two wires from the old. The ST01 Series In-Wall Timers are easy-to-program, 4-button programmable timers that allow up to 40 event settings per week.


Surge Protective Device with Consumable Modules. Page 3 rojo y azul del temproizador de interruptor. ST01 Single Pole Video.

Remove the existing wall switch. Using screws provided, mount the switch timer into the wall box, then install the.

If there is a pull tab at the batter y trayremove the tab to connect the installed. In-W all T imer with Astro Feature. ST01 Astronomic Programming Video. Install the remote 3-way switch in its box and install wall plate.

En cas de commutateur simple: W ait until you see Don’t see a manual you are looking for? ST01 Fixed Programming Video. If you cannot support the file type above click here to view on IntermaticTV. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located.

Search our new and improved Image Library for images of Intermatic Products. This will make it easier interrmatic follow the instructions. Customer Support Contact Us P: If a 3-Way Switch Setup.


Remove electrical power atservice panel before installing. Product Cross Reference Locate Intermatic products which are comparable to your existing products.

Before installing the switch timer into the wall, make sure the supplied battery is installed. Discontinued Product Documentation Browse documentation, including instructions sheets and manuals, for discontinued or obsolete products. Download our Corporate Brochure. If a interamtic box, amnual to. ST01 Jumper Wire Video. The Surge Protective Device uses replaceable Consumable Modules that lntermatic homeowners to easily and safely replace a module when the built-in LED light indicates it has been compromised.

Enlevez la prise murale en place. Search for a Location: Refer to map for. The distance between switch timer and remote switch must not exceed feet. F ollo w diagram 3 below, if using a new single-pole remote. Then turn po wer back on at the ser vice panel and repeat Step J. Risk of injury or death.

Replace the battery tray into the s witch timer. Downloadable Forms This section includes a form to Order Trippers. It might be attached to a different.