Equinox T, T and T (formerly Hypercom Optimum). Contents . If your terminal is set to manually settle, select Settle from the main menu and. Hypercom T Terminal Guide Hypercom T Terminal Guide. How to Batch verified. Merchant has option to manually deposit check. If this happens. Hypercom T PEDPack Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hypercom T PEDPack Quick Reference Manual, Quick Manual.

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The printer prints a receipt for the last transaction. The terminal displays the column and row of the key pressed.

If you experience trouble with this telephone equipment, please contact your equipment supplier for information on obtaining service or repairs. This is a host-specific function.

Till report 1Server report 2Audit report 3and Issuer report 4. Most procedures have at least two steps. The terminal displays the second review screen.

Hypercom T PEDPack Manuals

Step Terminal response Action 1 This cell shows information from the terminal display. Function 2 Batch Settlement [Settle] Reconcile terminal totals with host totals. Function 78 Step-by-Step To view or clear a server or cashier report: S7, S7C, or S8: Enhanced Communication Messages Enable or disable additional information displayed during communication processes or a line type change.

By entering the number of a server currently logged on, you can review the transactions performed only by that server. The initialization telephone number is dialed when a request for initialization is executed.

The voided transaction remains in the transaction log, but it has a voided marker. Descriptor Code Processing In the terminal you can store up to 10 product names and codes, which you can activate for a particular card or cards to provide descriptive billing. The terminal scans the batch. The first time one of these functions is called from the batch scroll, the terminal requests a password based on the Term-Master settings.


See Chapter 4, “Access Control” to enable or disable password protection.

Equinox / Hypercom t4220 User Manual

The hosts maintains the value of the cards. The terminal prompts Read Card Now. Function 4 Keyboard Lock enables the user to lock the keyboard, preventing unauthorized access. Step Terminal response Action Press Review. Function 84 Keyboard Test enables the user to test the keyboard. When you see a Caution or Warning message, read the information promptly and carefully hyperco, proceeding.

Step-by-Step To perform a terminal card reader test: The terminal settles transactions as if it were a live terminal. Printing a second receipt, the customer receipt, is an option for all transactions.

The Find function also displays voided transactions and reversals. The financial transaction related to the accumulation and use of points is not linked to the loyalty transaction. The following special terms and style conventions are used throughout this document: The terminal displays the current communications line type followed by the current LAN polling address.

How well do you understand the product after reading this guide? To t42200 certain of the number of devices you may connect to your line, as determined by the REN, you should contact your local telephone company to determine the maximum REN for your calling area. The terminal displays sign-off if the number is currently in use or sign-on if it is not.

The terminal scans for transactions. Pressing the Cancel key has no effect. To unlock the keyboard, type the terminal password. The system calls out to verify the transaction and, on approval, stores a record in the journal.


Equinox / Hypercom t User Manual |

XX appears on the PIN pad. Step Terminal response Action Press the Debit key. You must enter the loyalty card screen to access the functions. The following four prompts are typical. They provide utilities to change the password and enable or disable password protection for certain terminal operations. A representative designated by the supplier should coordinate repairs to certified equipment. Where do you usually look first to find information in this guide?

Two or four lines of 20 rectangles indicate that the display is functioning properly. As you or a customer swipes the card through the magnetic card reader, or as you enter the PAN personal account number manually, the terminal selects the transaction type and displays the name entered in the manuak options for the card range.

Sale plus Cash Balance Inquiry Enable a debit cardholder to purchase goods or services and to obtain cash back. The terminal accepts manual entry only if you enable the Manual PAN option.

Hypercom T4220 PEDPack Manuals

Printed in the United States of America. You can block a card from card verifications. Step-by-Step To perform a Refund transaction: The Audit report prompts for the host number.