Tanksley said you can print and fill out form HJB or (found at www. ), or fill it out. Hjb – Fill Online,. Printable, Fillable, Blank |. PDFfiller – Joint Base. Lewis- McChord. Registration of Personal. Firearms HJB Form. ,ly. room, the HFL Form will be turned in also. ยง Registration and storage. (a) All types of personal weapons to include rifles, shotguns.

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Weapons registration is performed at all locations that conduct vehicle registration. At a minimum, if you receive a DUI on or off base, you will automatically lose your driving privileges on the installation for a fofm of one year. Base Registration Soldiers, Airmen and Department of Defense civilians must register their vehicles on base and obtain DOD registration decals within five days of arrival.

Use of those devices impairs driving and masks or prevents recognition of emergency signals, alarms, announcements, the approach of vehicles and human speech.

kauppila :: Hjb form pdf

186 entering JBLM, vehicle occupants are required to declare the presence of any firearms in the vehicle. Motorcyclists are required to wear protective clothing and equipment including: The rifle range has targets up to yards away, while pistol ranges have targets at 10 and 20 yards. DOD registration decals are accountable items that must be removed from the vehicle upon sale or transfer of the vehicle or termination of military service.

Part 2 Turning a mess into a message Resources available to services members dealing with substance use disorders Hjbb Directory.


The Provost Marshal also strongly recommends that all bicycles be registered at the Vehicle Registration Office. Bicycle Registration A bicyclist is required to comply with the same safe driving rules as motorists. Washington State Ferries, Third Ave. The name of persons applying for DOD registration must appear on the state registration certificate for the vehicle, or the registrant must have a power of attorney from the registered owner.

When passing military formations, it is 10 mph. JBLM requires motorcycle operators to complete a DODapproved foundation safety course prior to registering their motorcycle on the installation. Weapons can only be carried in a vehicle when traveling to and from authorized hunting, target practice, matches or offpost locations.

Register weapons before target shooting on base

The decal is valid for access as long as it is legible. If you had a valid license when you entered the service, it may continue to be valid as long as you are on active duty. Weapons must be transported unloaded and ammunition must be stored separately from the weapon. Service members residing in family quarters may store the weapon in the quarters. The registrant will be asked to return the decal or sign a statement that the decal was removed and destroyed. Any weapon can be registered.

Exceptions to the requirement to present an emission certificate include: Upon expiration of that license plate, the Soldier must obtain a Washington state or home-of-record license plate.

SW, Lakewoodand is open Monday through Friday, 9 a. For Airmen residing in the dorms, the weapons must be stored in the Armory, Building P21, The registration is free and good for five years.


Register weapons before target shooting on base

Form L exempts you from excise tax, but you might have to pay other taxes if you register your car in Washington. There also are benches for your range bag, ammunition and other accessories you bring.

Some states have moratorium laws. In addition, bicyclists must: There is another range for general target shooting, Range 15 along East Gate Road has a covered shooting area, so the elements matter less.

For hour information, call Private companies authorized by the state to issue license plates can be found in the yellow pages.

Children under 13 years old need to be transported in the back seat. Military Airlift Command flights are available from McChord Field for active-duty military and eligible Reserve component military. Stop at the visitor center at the Main Gate or McChord Field to register forn firearms, leaving any weapons in the vehicle.

You are considered a Washington resident when you establish a home in the state, register to vote, receive state benefits, apply for any state license or seek in-state tuition fees.

Wait time is 50 cents per minute. The nearest licensing office is located at A Bristol Ave. The speed limit on McChord Field is njb mph, unless posted otherwise.