Guhyasamaja Sadhana – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ~ Tibetan Buddhist teachings, commentaries, sadhana, visualisations and discussion forum for initiates worldwide. Guhyasamaja is a highest. This Is a book written by shri yogeshwaranand ji on Baglamukhi Sadhna. He is a writter of several books on tantra, mantra aughar anusthan, saraswati, durga.

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Translation of one of the Guhyasamaja Commentaries by Nagarjuna: Red is like the glow of sunrise or sunset. We also now have the English translation Completion Stage commentary of Akhu Sherab Gyatso to accompany his Generation Stage commentary which we have on this website for some time.

Guhyasamaja Sadhana

But my sadhans, Dr. Saduana practiced the long one and then the medium one, and it takes a long time. I prostrate to guhyasamaia, O vajra body. Seated in the great ship of the profound two stages, bring me to the ocean of omniscient pristine awareness. So you apply that in your imagination with being on that clear-light level. First the earth element can no longer support mental activity, so the solid aspect of the body.

They are adorned with the eight jewel ornaments. Thus is the action of emitting and re-gathering. On these seats, out of pure imagination alone, come the full thirty-two deities all at once. In his other right hands he holds a vajra and wheel, and in his left a jewel and a sword.

On the seats to the right and left of the northern doorway, in order, are green Sarvanivarana-viskambhini and Samantabhadra.

Skip to Document Content. From their natural abodes, father and mother buddhas, in order to tame sentient beings, produce Akshobhyas from the bodhichitta of their sitting in union.

Published on Nov View Download 6. So in the generation stage and even earlier you start to build sadnana the causes. We were primarily looking at the way that it was translated. I first started studying the Guhyasamaja system in when I was at Harvard University as a graduate student.

So one version of the sadhanx process, a more subtle level, occurs with attainment of a bardo body, and the full version occurs with attaining a rebirth body.


He has three faces yellow, black and white and six arms the right hands holding a gem, vajra and wheel, the left with a bell, yellow lotus, and sword. Your body is a complete mandala of thirty-two deities the heads of the five Buddha families, the four consorts and so on but has an ordinary form for the sake of those with lesser minds. To the crown of my head comes Vairochana; to my throat, Amitabha; to my navel, Ratnasambhava; to the energy-channel where my thighs join, Amoghasiddhi.

Tsongkhapa explains that very nicely, very clearly. And then for twenty-five, you would add the basis level of the five types of deep awareness — mirror-like, equalizing, and so on. This transforms into a blue five-spoked vajra, with a HUM at its hub. Their view of history is very different. Melting into the nature of black rays of light, they enter me through my heart in the manner of wisdom-beings. Therefore since all phenomena in this way are not truly existent, meditation should be non-objectifying.

So this is the source of the material about the eight-stage process of dissolution when we die. To the gateway of my eyes comes Rupavajra; to the gateway of my ears Shabdavajra; to the gateway of my nose Gandhavajra; to the gateway of my tongue Rasavajra and to the gateway of my vajra-organ Sparshavajra.

What Is Guhyasamaja Practice? — Study Buddhism

It was after that that I received the Guhyasamaja initiation for the first time. See, the problem is, how do you translate these words? The point is that the tantra systems need to be understood and practiced within the context of the Madhyamaka teachings on voidness.

O kingly Ratnasambhava, most profound, you are as stainless as vajra-space, your nature is pure and without any guhyaswmaja I prostrate to you, O Vajra-Body.

Guhyasamaja Sadhana

Texts, images, and audio guhyasaaja to develop your understanding and practice. Having devoted yourself to the thousand buddhas and found powerful attainments with the blessings of Venerable Vajrayogini, you went to Sukhavati Buddha-field. Home Documents Guhyasamaja Sadhana. All of the deities also, from Lochana through Sumbharaja, have three faces and six arms, and each has the lord of his or her particular Buddha-family crowning his or her head.

Her hair is half tied up in a knot. The consciousnesses of my ears and body are the banners and flags situated on the upright dentils. My motherly consort is blue Sparshavajra, with an Akshobhya adorning the crown of her head. The four vital points at my secret organ, navel, heart, and face are the four archways. I think I received it before I asked him. May my mind be like you who are the completely pure mind of Samantabhadra, which is the lord of those who realize guhyasamzja is secret and is possessed by the blissful mind of your consortand may I be your equal, O holder of the vajra.


On top of the central seat I arise as Vajradhara, white in colour, with three faces white, black and red and six arms, the right hands holding a vajra, wheel and lotus and the left with bell, jewel and sword. In the centre of this is a white three-sided pyramidal reality source, standing upright with the large side on top and the fine point sticking down at the bottom. It’s propagation and practice with correct intention is seen as instrumental to the continued flourishing of Buddhism, the Gelugpa school and the His Holiness the Dalai Lama, whose main aim is to be of as much benefit to as many sentient beings as possible.

Sadhanna the assembly of these hidden factors can refer to all the deities within the system, or it can refer to the three main hidden factors, often called the three vajras — vajra body, vajra speech, and vajra mind — referring to the enlightened or enlightening aspects of these three.

All the deities, from Vairochana through Maitreya, also are adorned with jewel ornaments and wear garments of various heavenly scarves. Within there are thirty-one variegated lotus seats, on top of which the main deity and the ten wrathful ones have a sun seat; those in the Eastern direction such as Vairochana have a moon seat; Mamaki has a vajra seat; those in the South except for her are on a jewel seat; those in the Guuhyasamaja are on a red lotus seat and guhyassamaja in the Northern direction are on a crossed vajra seat.