Elegance: A Novel [Kathleen Tessaro] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Louise C. wants what Jackie O had Unhappy with her looks, her. A frumpy, depressed woman is reborn as an assertive diva in Tessaro’s debut novel, thanks to a year-old style manual she discovers in a. Notable works, Elegance The Perfume Collector. Spouse, Gregg Liberi. Children, 1. Website. Kathleen Tessaro is an American author. She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and.

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This is a woman who needs some professional help and not simply a hunky younger man to cure everything cause I’m betting she screws it up sooner rather than later. Kathelen Club Girl book clubs. Not very satisfying from a reader’s perspective. Will she get her man?

Except for the fact that the “elegance” book is real and I really want a copyit’s a pretty standard chick lit kathlen. Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro Goodreads Author.


Kathleen Tessaro – Wikipedia

Feb 09, Tamara Morgan rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed the way the author tied in Louise’s life with Madame Dariaux’s book, with each chapter heading a letter kath,een the alphabet. Written with elan and panache.

I noticed that I flipped down a page I wanted to make sure I noted here — it’s a description of a secondhand bookstore: Especially if you throw in all the invaluable advice of a classic French fashionista, a lady who knows all about being stylish, chic and elegant: There were a few things that just never sat well with me in terms of this novel. You begin reading a book, and your initial reaction to it is anywhere from apathy to outright revulsion.

She wears a dress from her closet that she’s never worn and suddenly she’s beautiful and men I wanted to like this book more than I did.

I’ll see if I should release it or give it to my sister. A little bible I always keep with me. Why is this one special? They served their purpose and were quickly discarded.


Oh, one last complaint–why do these books always have to name-drop ttessaro, famous people, and other fads? I sometimes find it quite puzzling how the States, after all the unquestionable kingdom of sit-coms some of them even somewhat mirth-inspiring can produce so many novels completely devoid of any substance or entertainment factor.

May 26, Mary Ronan Drew rated it liked it. It’s such a shame as it’s rare to find a modern day love story which doesn’t border on the irritating and I thought I’d found one but unfortunately not.

Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro