User Guide EFT Wireless Series INGENICO avenue Charles de Gaulle Power travel adapter (When no base) Or EFT terminal unit equipped with a paper roll Daker DK 1, 2, 3 kva Manuel d installation Installation manual Part. EFT Mobile GPRS Terminal Quick Reference Guide 0 Send Mobile GPRS .. Linksys Gateway SPASU Manual Manuel de l’utilisateur Table of . Inserte la tarjeta en el lector del chip y no la retire hasta que se haya completado la transacción o se lo indique el terminal. Si hay problemas de lectura del chip.

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When granted, an approval is provided by PCI SSC to ensure certain security and operational characteristics important to the achievement of PCI SSC s goals, but the approval does not under any circumstances include any endorsement or warranty regarding the functionality, quality, or performance of any particular product or service.

Connect the other end of the wire to the base socket G.

User Manual Spire Payments SP Family – PDF

Unknown 29 November at Battery Maintenance The standby time for the battery fitted to the SPw60 and SPw70 is approximately hours depending on settings and operational environment. Downloding mock-up OS again gives error “Component with bad signature”. This product is only to be used. Step 2 If a battery module is already fitted, place your thumb nail into the recess at the base and pull upwards. This product is not suitable for use in hazardous environments such as petrol stations, chemical depots, etc.

For example pressing 1 and then, will cycle through 1, Q, Z, 1.


Ingenico eft930 Service Manual

When combined More information. We then must exchange the reader for another one and send back. Care has been taken to ensure that the content of this document is as accurate as possible.

See icon index Middle Of Screen The middle of the screen largest area is used to display choices for data ett930s requests, instructions, transaction progress and any other relevant information. Installation Please read and follow the separate Quick Reference Guide received with your terminal. Please contact your terminal leasing company if you require any of the above additional services. Battery module performance does degrade over time and you will need to purchase a replacement when the battery module performance becomes unacceptable.

Anonymous 7 November manusl Anonymous 13 October efr930s If the final version of this product has any differences from the description of More information. Anonymous 12 February at Select a location close to an electrical power outlet. Installation is quick More information. Contents subject to revision without prior notice.

Ingenico EFT930G Manuel D’Utilisation

EPOS Terminal i love your useful post for us. MD Schlage W. Please refer to the password section for a full explanation. This symbol indicates a piece of Advice. Both the WiFi access point and terminal are pre-configured with all the necessary information to allow the devices to communicate. Important information to protect your business User Guide 1. Niyazi Toros 13 April at Verify that it locks Place the battery pack in its compartment Close the battery compartment cover flap Red wire Charging the battery When does the battery need to be charged?

If the customer requests a receipt press the key and Printing a customer receipt will be printed.

The battery module will need to be charged when you receive a new terminal, a replacement battery, and during day-to-day use. Therefore, it is subjected to the WEEE directive which requires the collection and the recycling at the end of life product.


Safety Upon receipt of your terminal you should check for signs of tampering of the equipment. Installing maneul Terminal 6 5. If the amount entered for the transaction is above this limit you will be prompted to perform a Chip and PIN or Swipe transaction.

Telephone A is not required for the terminal to operate. Thank eft930w for choosing our mobile phone! Step 3 Manueel the packaging from the new battery module and ensure the connections are aligned with those in the battery compartment.

Presenting A Contactless Card Cont.

Telium Application Tips : Device Tamper detection

The standards include a substantial safety margin designed to assure the safety of all persons, regardless of age or health. It presents you the necessary information about use, installation, maintenance, safety and security recommendations.

Introduction We hope that you will be fully satisfied with your new terminal EFT You may use normal Chip and PIN cards to perform these training transactions. CardEase Mobile – Introduction When telephone network is used for: Miscellaneous Prompts Below are explanations for some of the common prompts displayed mabuel the terminal.

This app is optimized for iphone 5.

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