Effective. Enterprise Java. 00 pp i-xx r2ah 7/28/04 PM Page i Effective. Enterprise. Java. Ted Neward. Boston • San Francisco • New York • Toronto. TheServerSide chats with Ted Neward, author of “Effective Enterprise Java”, about what’s in the book and why building effective enterprise. Effective Enterprise Java. by Ted Neward.; Published Aug ; Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional. This is an amazing book that does not.

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Differentiate user transactions from system transactions Item Paperbackpages.

Beward Books for Your Summer Reading List Six books for your summer reading list, including books on scaling, teamwork, and learning what …. Learn how to design your enterprise systems so they adapt to future demands.

Effective Software Development 1 – 10 of 13 books. Trivia About Effective Enterpr Be the first to ask a question about Effective Enterprise Java.

Effective Enterprise Java – Book Review

Effective Enterprise Java avg rating preview: Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. Mateusz Kwasniewski added it Feb 26, It is full of wonderful well—written content. Discover how to implement sophisticated functionality that is not directly supported by the language or platform. Never cede control outside your component while holding locks Item The book is organized as a series of 75 essays, each running from 1 to 10 pages.


Strategize Most agile processes are empty of any advice on wnterprise a company or product strategy.

Effective Enterprise Java

The tricks that a programmer needs to avoid these problems often come painfully with experience. Separate presentation efcective processing Item Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Favor the immutable, for it needs no locks 5. Sundling rated it liked it Oct 29, He now frequently speaks on the conference circuit and to user groups all over the world.

Dec 31, Christophe Addinquy rated it really liked it. Never optimize ajva profiling first Item Eager-load frequently used data Item Carl rated it really liked it Dec 26, It is written at a higher level as it applies to J2EE systems, rather than the Java language.

Book Description “With this book, Ted Neward helps you make the leap from being a good Java enterprise developer to a great developer! Consider using pessimistic concurrency for explicit concurrency control Item Use entsrprise to keep partial work in the face of rollback Item Tune the JVM Item Lazy-load infrequently used data Item I was one of the reviewers, so I may be biased, but TN really is one of the few who could pull this book off.

Discover how to implement sophisticated functionality that is not directly supported by the language or platform. Use in-process or local storage to avoid the network Item Other Books in the Series.

Effective Enterprise Java [Book]

Share on your website title link preview: Book Reviews Effective Enterprise Java. Ganeshji Marwaha added it Mar 12, Effective Enterprise Java 3.


Addison-Wesley- Computers – pages. Effecctive marked it as to-read Apr 27, Always validate user input Item Security is a process, not a product Item Establish a threat model Item Ted Neward provides you with 75 easily digestible tips that will help you master J2EE development on a systemic and architectural level. Recognize the cost of network access Item Consider your lookup carefully Item Use procedural-first persistence to create an encapsulation layer Item The goals of J2EE.

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Prefer local transactions to distributed ones Item Use objects-first persistence to preserve your domain model Item If you aren’t careful, you can create an application that performs poorly under load, is difficult to maintain, and is impossible to port from one platform to another.

James marked it as to-read May 04, Understand EJB transactional affinity Item Six books for your summer reading list, including books on scaling, teamwork, and learning what …. Prefer rules engines for complex state evaluation and execution Item Jitendra Kumar marked it as to-read Apr 30,