62 results Your Electric keeps the Crabtree Loadstar in three phase and single phase distribution boards in stock complete with B, C type MCB’s and RCBO’s. A Crabtree Loadstar triple pole, type D, 16A miniature circuit breaker will fit a Crabtree Loadstar distribution board. Fully safe this MCB has been manufactured . Crabtree Loadstar 6HS16B MCB; Rated Current: 16 Amp; Trip Unit Characteristic : Type B; Rated Operational Voltage: V AC; Breaking Current: 6 kA.

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An enclosure means the box, cover, door, hinges, handle and any components required to maintain the integrity of the unit. Alun Tom likes this. Alun Tom and unphased like this.

There are many types of non combustible material however. As other poster said that aint rcabtree neutral bar it is the LIVE busbar. The screw is already loose. An enclosure means the box, cover, door, hinges, handle and any.

TBH I think you are better getting someone in for this. For the MCB to be the cause, there would have to be a path for the lost current to take.

Symptoms are this Peter p There is a dedicated mcb for the garden The circuit was installed from new some 5 years ago. If you have purchased or installed any of the product listed above, between the dates shown please visit our dedicated web page for assistance: Looks more like a Starbreaker db to me. Typical Domestic household premises would include single and.


The circuit in question needs meggering, doesn’t sound like an mcb problem to me. Typical cabinets are meter cabinets that are normally built into the fabric of the building. The circuit is just one twin and earth going directly from mcb to a twin 13a socket which has now been disconnected! Crabtrwe it does not trip, the fault is with the wiring. Important Notice Electrium – Product Recall It has come to our attention that a very small number of Electrium Miniature Circuit Breakers, sold under the brand names Wylex, Crabtree Loadstar only and Volex, are not performing to carbtree required characteristics.

Again thank you all for your help.

Crabtree Loadstar – 6FS40B – 40a Type B Single Pole MCB Style Un-

Thanks peter but no. Its not, JP, they have special shrouded busbars and a single tab lock-in system unique to the Starbreaker. Yes odd I know! The consumer unit enclosure must be manufactured from a non.

Switched off mcb for garden and switch on rcd all ok until mcb switched drabtree on again!

Crabtree Loadstar Triple Pole Type D 16A MCB | Industrial Switch Gear | Mylights

Yes I have cgabtree of it but discounted that as a cause!! To do this you would also need to remove the neutral of the suspect circuit.


Loadstar all metal cased meter cabinet consumer units have complete non combustible enclosures and are designed specifically for use in meter cabinets to maintain integrity of the assembly and minimise flames escaping. I have a Crabtree Loadstar cu that was installed some five years ago. I am glad you corrected me on that issue!

Similar switchgear is switchgear that is used for the same. Else, yes, just drop the busbar, lift out the mcb, drop new one in and refit busbar.


Yes I think I was barking up the wrong tree with my mcb hard fault! The ends of the supply wire temporarily terminated by a choc box connector At present still tripping in that state but yesterday when reconnected to the socket worked for approximately 6 hours without tripping anything then mid evening All other devices are unaffected. Typical cabinets are meter cabinets that are normally built.

Similar switchgear is switchgear that is used for the same fundamental application ie. This can lead to a potential risk of burning, in a small number of installations. Share This Page Tweet. What is Similar Switchgear?

Devices supplied outside of these dates are unaffected.