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Avtakt foundation of all relationships for all time is one Father, but you have insufficient experience of this. If times change, does your pure thought also get changed? June 12, at What would be the condition of someone who allows a treasure go to waste?

Before engendering any thought or idea, check whether this thought or idea is liked by the Father, liked by God. Through this your karma becomes elevated, also, because waste thoughts are not arising, the speed of your effort becomes fast. Knowing the deep consequences of karma, perform each action, as a seer bapdafa the three aspects of time, Trikaldarshi.

So the main weakness is: You will bapdxda free from having to labour. There is no real foundation for becoming confused.


Can a avyakr 84 births old putrid sansakradistress a master almighty authority, a brave warrior, a destroyer of obstacles, avywkt seer of the three aspects of time, a possessor of the cycle of self-realization? If your power to transform works in one second, then you save so much time and power. Therefore you must be careful at every step. Otherwise it is childishness. This is occurring because you are not setting yourselves upon your seat.

BapDada Avyakt Murli 21-10-2018- Murli

If the speed of thoughts is running very fast, then from one, another arises. Your intellect remains empty. If at any time waste thoughts enter the mind, then there is upheaval instead of peace. If any form of impurity arises in your attitude, awareness or thought, you will not be able to stabilise yourself in the stage of being a Brahmin, but you will be that only in name.


Bapdada is saying that knowledgeable souls either develop arrogance of their umrli virtues, or their specialities, or else, as much as they move forward to that extent they see some deficiency, not in their own effort, but bpadada see there is a deficiency in their name, honour, respect, being asked about, being moved forward, becoming a centre in charge, in service, in being given a special role.

Completion will occur once this queue has ended. The most elevated treasure is the treasure of thought, and your elevated thoughts are the foundation of your Brahman purified life. It is a form of theft and of cheating. Create firm determined thoughts and the obstacles vanish like magic.

If you do not forget either, then neither any situation nor any evil spirit will be able to challenge you. Destroy that thought as it arises; then eventually its root will perish. This is totally the game of thoughts.

When you hear about paramdham the supreme abodebaodada become a dweller of paramdham as you hear about paramdham. You already make a timetable for your activity, but you need to create a timetable for your mind. It means you are knowledgeable but not the embodiment of knowledge. To become an angel, you have to become free from the bondage of the mind. In the entire kalpa such rich, fortunate days, days spent in the company of the bestower of fortune, these days will not come back again.


You will be able to inspire someone to do something through your thoughts.

You create fruitless, waste things, then you have to make a lot of effort to dismantle and remove them. If any soul does not have the power to remove their waste, then with abpdada power of your pure feelings transform that waste into something powerful. Do not permit old sanskaras patterns to emerge from within.

Do you have this experience? However today this matter is being clarified: Just as when someone feels that they made a mistake; they would never spread it around, but would merge it completely.

Himmat – Avyakt BapDada murli clip by Brahma Kumaris Official | Free Listening on SoundCloud

You are the images of the support for the world, and the images to uplift the world, that is, you are the world benefactors. The miracle that can be performed with one single pure, or powerful thought can accomplish anything. Through the power of absorption they did not fill their intellects with powerful thoughts, avyaky waste remains present in the intellect.

This is the work of a holy swan. At this time, when any waste or negative thought flows, you do not experience any punishment for that. Each day in the thoughts of the mind, emerge some or another thought of enthusiasm and zeal. There must be some burden, which draws your attention towards itself. Its a great service to brahmins. Now you need very refined attention.