SPECIAL RULES: Iron Hard Skin: Angron’s flesh has become unnaturally resilient to damage. He has a 2+ armor save in addition to his Invulnerable. Save. Angron – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. emperor-of Uploaded by. Jorge Barios. This entry is originally from a Apocalypse Datasheet published in for a primach (albeit a demon one), Angron will be the basis of all future.

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He also believed that said motherfucker would be a great commander just because he was a Primarch? Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

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Unauthorised reproduction strictly prohibited. Furthermore, during their duel Guilliman shattered one of the skulls that Angron had carried on him, which were the remains of the rebels Angron had carried with him and whom he had promised to die alongside with Russ grudgingly had to admit he wasn’t: Damn, what has he been eating?

Would be a bit weird to do so IMO. Were they not for epic though? Still, Lorgar wanted to save Angron, although in his case “save” meant “transfigure into a daemon Primarch”.

A really close fight: He costs so many relic points in an army that consumes them like candy that, if you can spare the points and time to conjure him, chances are you’re already winning so badly you don’t actually need him.

Also Ferrus strikes before him thanks to strikedown, making his victory even more guaranteed. So he went on saying that implanting Angron’s legionaires with the Nails had to stop and that they’d be brought to Terra so a way of removing them could be devised so he basically told Angron to sort his shit out and stop mutilating his sons.

Originally Posted by Rictus. Commoragh closer to the bottom. You just know that Angron is gonna be leading that, back for round 2. So if he can’t kill him before that he is actually dead meat. There are no gods. Guilliman had it really easy and could have turned out massively different had his life not been so cushy, while Angron’s rage over his admittedly-shitty life had consumed his soul and didn’t exactly let him off the hook for turning his entire legion into murder machines.


But with his mandatory bloodthirster bodyguard he can even kill An’ggrath, the biggest and baddest bloodthirster of them all. Was it as painful for you to read? Of course, this deal required the Emperor to take Angron away from the only people who weren’t shitty to him, leaving them all to die; but Big E didn’t give a rat’s ass about those fuckers and they were all summarily executed, as you would expect in a slave rebellion.

That doesn’t sound quite right, is there a reference for that? So the facts simply do not add up. Either way, when Angron was introduced to his legion he was inconsolable. Daemon Primarch Angron Datasheet Having reathe new white dwarf, and having my copy here infront of me, I can say its far from conclusive evidence that the other primarchs will be done. Those fan made rules are stupid and OTT. Hope several baneblades wear him down before he gets into range?

Angron was certain of his victory that day and didn’t give the incident any more thought, the Nails stayed with him and his Legion. Lorgar then roped Angron into his Shadow Crusade, systematically butchering worlds across Ultramar to invoke the Ruinstorm. Keep in mind, as mentioned above, this is without any benefits from his The Butcher’s Nails rule.

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Angron – 1d4chan

I meant the one availible for download from GW. Yeah they were meant for Epic, lexicanum still has the mini’s up: Buttons Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot. No I’m talking about this.

Angron VS Ferrus Ferrus hits 2. Only artwork, not a model same kinda thing as the stompas. Will make a agron conversion!


Angron datasheet

If you’re not spending them on other units you need right now then you can just overwhelm them with ratasheet you already have. I’m celebrating 7 years on Dakka Dakka! Although I have questioned why a god would only have strength which is the same as some powerfisted models How many of them have actual miniatures?

Honestly, he’s not worth it. This is notable as previous liber apocolypta have been done by race, not by theme. Primarch fighting, while fun to see, isn’t a very competitive thing to do as it’ll usually tie up both Primarchs for the entire game without either of them dying But with Angron this is less likely as you’re going to die dataheet kill fast!

Angron refused to acknowledge his losing position since he was the datasheeg holding the weapon at his brother’s throat and that killing EVERYONE should be the only objective anyway. After all, its already been done before, in Epic. Please note that all the various abilities are taken into accounts when possible and the match-ups assume the Primarchs are the only ones involved in the fighting, so various abilities like Angron’s “The Butcher’s Nails” and Rampage do not provide any bonuses.

Doubt very much that this will be the only primarch we see reappearing. There was a brief skirmish between the two Legions an event which would come to be known as the “Night of the Wolf” where Angron fought Leman Russ in personal combat.

He’s also got a stormbolter, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that fired chainswords as well. Here is the theme song of this glorious bastard.

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