In Disney’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” an all-new spectacular adventure featuring the unforgettable characters from Lewis Carroll’s. Alice in Mirrorland was a limited box card pack available from February 5, at AM (PST) to February 9, at PM (PST). The pack contained. Alice’s journey through Wonderland brought her to a large mirror. She approached it, thinking she heard the voice of someone calling out to her from the other.

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In the film, Alice comes across a magical looking glass that takes her back to Wonderlandwhere she finds that the Mad Hatter is acting madder than usual and wants to discover the truth about his family. Alice bids her friends farewell and returns to the real world where her mother refuses to return Alice’s ship over to Hamish, and the two set to travel the world together with their own company.

Principal photography began on August 4,at Shepperton Studios. Retrieved August 4, Someone needs to tell the folks that made this movie that no matter how many millions of dollars you spend on special effects, if the story isn’t a good one, then it’s still a bad movie. Retrieved November 23, Before accepting the invitation of a bottle to “Drink Me,” she makes sure it’s not marked “Poison. Mia Wasikowska as Alice Kingsleigh. All Movies I Seen In In this reflected version of her own house, she finds a book with looking-glass poetry, ” Jabberwocky “, whose reversed printing she can read only by holding it up to the mirror.

James Harcourt Alan Rickman One exhibition competes with the next for space within the frame. I don’t hate Alice Through the Looking Glass. Season 3 Saturday Night Live: October 31, Rating: Retrieved December 8, New York Daily News. Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel. The wooden relationships between the characters are likely to blame, they often feel superficial without any context.

There she finds that, just like a reflection, everything is reversed, including logic running helps you remain stationary, walking away from something brings you towards it, chessmen are alive, nursery rhyme characters exist, etc Through the Looking-Glass includes such verses as ” Jabberwocky ” and ” The Walrus and the Carpenter “, and the episode involving Tweedledum and Tweedledee.


Alice Through the Looking Glass is just as visually impressive as its predecessor, but that isn’t enough to cover for an underwhelming story that fails to live up to its classic characters. And like the Victorians, we are both fascinated and appalled by the spectacle of little girls’ inevitable development into agents or objects of sexual desire.

If you want to shorten the book, I can’t help thinking — with all submission — that there is your opportunity.

(Self-Ambush) Alice in Mirrorland

Boring story and lack of any type of interesting plot that can be identified with. Apocalypse which was on its second weekend of play.

After being told by Time that altering the past is impossible, Alice steals the Chronosphere and travels back in time, shortly after finding the exiled Red QueenIracebeth of Crims, is in the care of Time. She overran all other characters and takes the toughest challenge to achieve impossible. Meanwhile Johnny Depp minces with abandon as the Mad Hatter, lisping all the while in another fey performance so cloying it inspired me to brush my teeth afterward for fear I might get cavities.

Also, the character of Alice was a fit with her angelic smile that reflects an innocent adult. Lewis Carroll ‘s Alice. This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat The anonymous college girl’s conclusion could apply to any one of the characters in the novel as well as to the reader herself: But there is no magic, no wonder, just junk rehashed from a movie that was itself a rehash of Lewis Carroll, tricked out with physically unpersuasive characters and landscapes alicee ‘action scenes’, with blockbuster ‘journey movie’ tropes affixed to every set-piece as blatantly as Post-It Notes.

All in all, the film was a bit confusing and overly frenetic at times, but mirforland highly entertaining.

(A. G.) Alice in Mirrorland | Legend of the Cryptids Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Climbing up onto the fireplace mantelshe pokes at the wall-hung mirror behind the fireplace and discovers, to her surprise, that she is able to step through it to an alternative world.


So I hope they won’t rush and ruin this classic tale like three ‘Spiderman’ reboots in less than 20 years. Alice follows a butterfly she recognizes as Absolem and returns to Wonderland through a mirror.

We Are Movie Geeks. Absolem voice Timothy Spall Homes gives us two Alice heroines, one so named just pre- and one anonymous just post-pubescent, along with a confessedly pedophilic male narrator, telling his story from prison.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Alice accidentally flies to the day of Iracebeth’s coronation, where a younger Tarrant begins a mockery of the Red Queen when the royal crown does not fit her abnormal head. Mixed or average reviews based on Ratings.

Alice Through the Looking Glass Not as over the top as expecting, Sacha Baron Cohen is a pleasant mirrorlnad. She arrives in a forest where a depressed gnat teaches her about the looking glass insects, strange creatures part bug a,ice object e. Oliver Hawkes as Young Bim Hightopp. To celebrate her innocence is to assure ourselves of our own; to cheer her adventures is to declare our solidarity with the spontaneous anti-authoritarianism of the child.

The book has been adapted several times, in combination with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and as a stand-alone film or television special. Using the Chronosphere, Alice and the Hatter race back to the present, where Alice is able to place the Chronosphere back in its original place. Four kids travel through a wardrobe to the land of Narnia and learn of their destiny to free it with the guidance of a mystical lion.

October 23, Full Review….

Alice arrives and seats herself at her own party, which quickly turns into chaos. Retrieved 16 January August 26, Full Review…. Paul Hunter as Chess King. The soundtrack was released on May 27,by Walt Disney Records.