While the Gods Play. Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Destiny of Mankind. By (author) Alain Daniélou. While the Gods Play. While the Gods Play has 23 ratings and 2 reviews. While the Gods Play: Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Alain Daniélou. Read “While the Gods Play Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Destiny of Mankind” by Alain Daniélou with Rakuten Kobo.

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Brahmans cannot participate in these popular feasts, for any form of violence is forbidden to them. Europe witnessed the spread of Celtic barbarians. Unfortunately, I have seen many dainelou fall victim to these practices.

While the Gods Play

At first the games they play together are fairly simple, which does not prevent him from having other experiences. The moment seemed favorable to the representatives of the ancient tradition to openly reestablish its precepts and react against all the foreign cults, including Vedism, and the new religions, Buddhism and Jainism.

In this sense I have been very fortunate. We can observe, in different parts of the world, the simultaneous appearance of doctrines so similar to each other that they seem all to have the same source, which, according to the Indians, would be the Jainism of Parshvathe predecessor of Ma. Hindus believe that children born of interracial marriages have ambiguous personalities and lose the hereditary qualities of both races, thereby causing the corruption and ruin of any society.

Gateway to the Ghe. From so far I read it’s clear that Shaivism is ancient of all religions and Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism are all offshoots. I enjoy the company of men who possess these same qualities and feel somewhat repelled by effeminate boys and those weak, fainthearted, prissy men who can be found among woman-chasers as well as among homosexuals.

I went through his list of books he has authored, to me he seems to be too fascinated with the “erotic” side of various India art, books Kama Sutra and stuff like that and incorrect misconceptions of Linga he seemed to become focused on. A Civilization of Differences. The Subtle Energy Body. They were laid upon two sharp-bladed swords, one under the neck, the other under the ankles.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This particular period tge Indian art was not at all popular with specialists. Procreation is little more than an incident along his sexual journey.


A gloomy, disquieting silence has fallen upon a modern society that is saturated with the blare of radio music and the images of television advertisements. It was fashionable in those days whjle admire the more realistic earlier eras, Graeco-Buddhist sculpture or sixth-century art from the Gupta period, which is not unlike the baroque. Raymond’s photographs, which I still have in my possession, are the only evidence of their former splendor.

I have never found it difficult to accept myself as I am. The solemnization of a marriage which is nothing more than a legalization of sex is the prostitution of a holy rite.

Nevertheless, he was a man learned in the philosophic tradition of the ancient cultureparticularly in the materialist theories of the Vaisheshika and the cosmology of the Samkhya, infinitely more evolved than the nebulous concepts of the followers of the Veda. Even then it was still the only trailer in India.

Zoroastrianism was the motivator of the First Persian Empire, Christianity, Islam and Communism have spread by the sword, and even Asoka, akain imposed Buddhism on India, danieloou a bloody conqueror.

Alain Danielou: While the Gods Play

Want to Read saving…. This Shaivai and Tantric revival coincides with one of the most important periods of Indian civilization on a mystic, philosophical, artistic, and literary plan, which was to last until the Muslim invasions of the twelfth century. In India there is a society of women as well as a society of men, whose preoccupations, interests, and distractions are different but complementary. Stella was a very interesting woman. In Search of Being. The impending cataclysm, Danielou explains, is brought on by our own errors, and its date will be determined by our present and future actions.

In those days, these peculiar objects were only made in America. This orgy of blood is a kind of revenge against the gods, against the world and all the frustrations it imposes on the less favored members of society.

No man should ever try to appear different from what he is by birth and natural aptitude, or reject the special role that has been given him as an individual or as a member of a species. The middle of the Kali Yuga is everywhere marked by great upheavals. From Bharata to India. When we were in Ramgarh, in the Rajputana, I was calling Raymond to show him a particularly fine sculpture when I suddenly found myself face to face with a tiger, who was just stepping out of the ruined temple.


One night he came into my room, took me in his arms, and refused to take no for an answer. They can seize the will of any person they choose and make him do what they want.

God s By satay in forum God in Hindu Dharma. Nilakantha By Agnideva in forum Puranas. Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History Would you like us to take another look at this review?

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Hindus believe that we are approaching the last stages of the kali yuga, the age of conflicts, which must inevitably end in a cataclysm. Breathing practices and the search for the sun and moon in the body recall Ida and Pingala, the lunar and solar paths of breath in Yoga.

It consisted of a small clay tower, ten feet high, in which various pieces of scrap iron were thrown, with an open furnace at the bottom and bellows made of whole cowhides.

Soon afterward, we became interested in the type of sculpture that is called medieval, which goes ddanielou the ninth to the twelfth century, a time when Indian artists achieved a unique balance between stylization and realism and discovered a kind of geometry of life.

She was then named curator of the museum and professor of Oriental art. Many Sanskrit professors cannot even read the alphabet and need to use transliterations. Killing is not allowed, yet they eat meat.

In the distance lies the Eternal Yods, bathed in a red glow of late afternoon sun; I am too far to hear its sound and clamor. Sacrifices satisfy one of man’s deepest needs and definitely play an important role in the psychology of the masses. We would stop near rivers and waterfalls, take danlelou, and wash our clothes. But, Danielou says that everything was wonderful and legit in Ancient “India” before AIT, and the civilization was so ripely advanced that the invaders were mere marauding, war-mongering heathens of puritanical orientation and barbarity.

Daniwlou Beaton, the famous photographer, often spoke of his bhang party at Rewa Khoti as the most amusing evening in his life.