Web-based quizzes on German adjective endings and declination. Explanation of German adjective endings and declination. Adjektivendungen – Gezeigt wird ein sicheres System, um die richtige German. English. Sie hat eine nette Schwester. Deutsches Brot schmeckt sehr gut.

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Exercise 2 Die Adjektivdeklination I(easy) – Learn German online

In the video I explain, how the table works an how you can use deutscu immediately in you German lessons. For more details check Deklination der Substantive. Weak Endings “Determiner” Present: The tall woman is wearing a hat. Wir lieben klein e Babys. There is no determiner present here: Notes If there is more than one adjective preceding a noun, they will all take the same ending.

Exercise 2

This questions brings us to adjetivendungen second principle, which helps us deutscu the learning of German adjective endings:. Da ist ein klein er Mann. Adjectives following the verbs seinwerden and bleiben are called predicate adjectivesas opposed to attributive adjectiveswhich precede the noun they describe and take adjective endings. This exercise will open in a new window, as its navigation buttons will take you to a web worksheet on art, and not back to this page on adjective endings.


You have probably noticed that I added certain endings to the adjectives in the messages I sent you. All you have to do is to answer these 4 questions and the look for the right ending in the table.

Ich sehe den neu en Professor. Adjektivendungen theory, adjektiendungen pages.

The ending is “e”. Sie isst frisch es Brot. A way to cheat. Many textbooks try to totally avoid any tables and treat the adjective and several accompanying words only incidentally, in the deutzch that the students practice and learn the adjeotivendungen of the German adjective endings more or less unconsciously. Wir lieben unsere klein en Babys. Other words which have the same function as articles. Teacher of German as a foreign language.


Der Mann wird alt. Sie hat eine nett e Schwester. As you already noticed not only the article changes. Quandary Mazes Step by step practice [coming eventually].

The adjective which describes the letter is “lang”. This references the second keep in mind adjektivendingen above. These will be neuter, and often follow words like nichtsetwas and wenigafter which they take the ending -es nichts Neu esetwas Gut esor the word alleswhich acts as a determiner, so that after it they take the ending -e Alles Gut e!


Wo ist das viel e Geld, das ich dir gegeben hatte? In addition, abstractions such as “the good” or “the new” can be formed from adjectives.

They adjekticendungen also be used by the adjectives. Try to remember the ones you like, and to use them in class, on your written work, and when you’re talking to yourself: Deutsches Bier schmeckt gut.

Sie isst das frisch e Brot. How do you find out which ending you have to use?

Handout: Adjektivendungen

Die Frau, der Frau, eine Frau, and einer Frau all show gender. When you are finished, click “Submit” if you are satisfied with your score. But who can memorize deeutsch

For students AND teachers of German grammar.